We are very proud to announce, that our newbies CrunCHÉ almonds and CrunCHÉ chia won 1-1 golden star at the Great Taste Awards this year! Thanks to your support, we belong to 38% of those producers, who won an award this year from 12.772 products. Let us shere the judges feedback with you:

CrunCHÉ Almonds and sesame seed: "A really attractive looking product. Lovely temper to the chocolate, and one of those lovely things that you look at and think, this is an unassuming one....and then the lovely surprise when the creaminess of the almonds and the sesame seeds deliver great warmth and reassurance. A good quality chocolate adds to the party, and the fact that it is not overly sweet has us eating it with a good strong espresso! Very nice."

CrunCHÉ oat, chia and quinoa: "Could these little chocolate brittles bring some fun to the table? Well yes - we were pleasantly surprised. The texture is fab and the chocolate is just the right strength."